I’d recommend having a glamourous assistant to keep a scoreboard.
It’s four ten question rounds plus two bonus rounds.

General info: facts are generally sourced and/or confirmed via Wikipedia or the Pears Ultimate Quiz Companion. Where a person’s jobs/roles are described such as “Which American journalist, figure skater and entrepreneur…” this is just copied and pasted from Wikipedia.

If you find the instructions at all confusing, get your arse to a Sunday quiz to see it in action. 🙂

Round One – always a picture round, usually with a theme.

Round Two – always general knowledge, often with a theme


First bonus round – several questions of different kinds.
First is a supercut of a classic show, usually TOTP. Players message with the date they think it was first broadcast, with three points given to the closest.
Next the unique answer – for this question, players message the host, trying to pick an answer that is not given by the other players. If they give a correct answer, one point. If the answer is correct and unique, three points.
With the rest of the questions in this first bonus round, players buzz in and points are given as follows: if the first guess is correct, three points. If they are wrong, the second guess is worth two points, if they are wrong, any other guesses for one point.
– Rambler, where I ask a long question and players buzz in as soon as they know.
– WTF? One picture with a quick question, usually of the order of “Who the fuck is this” or “What the fuck is going on”.
– Picture reveal, where something like a work of art, album cover, publicity photo from a TV show or suchlike is revealed in stages. Players of course buzz when they know.

Round Three – always a music round, usually themed


Second bonus round – we play this as “Random Points”. Prior to the round starting I use the power of “left hand/right hand” with the leading team choosing to pick from 4 dice.
There are five videos each consisting of five clips from a year, players message with the year, one guess per team. Host rolls dice, score is number on dice.

Round Four – Mystery
This round varies from week to week – it may be just themed general knowledge or something much weirder.