week 42: answers

answers to week 42, which was apparently quite hard!

Round 1 – Picture Round – Famous January Birthdays

  1. Nicholas Cage
  2. Buzz Aldrin
  3. Virginia Woolf
  4. Bradley Cooper
  5. Liam Hemsworth
  6. Mozart
  7. Rag N Bone Man
  8. Blue Ivy Carter
  9. Boris Spassky
  10. Orlando Bloom

Round 2 – GK but it’s the 1920s

  1. What is the 18th amendment to the US Constitution, why is it here? Prohibition
  2. This picture was taken in 1926, when the chap’s most famous work was published. Name everyone in this picture. AA Milne, Christopher Robin, Pooh bear.
  3. That was a snippet from 1921’s The Kid. Which Hollywood legend, who continued to act throughout his life, played the Kid? Jackie Coogan
  4. This chap is Oliver Hutchinson; but what is this picture, why is it here? First known photo of a television picture
  5. Who is this man, why is here? He’s Calvin Coolidge, 30th President 1923-29
  6. This memorial gate to missing soldiers was unveiled in the town of Ypres in 1927. What is it called? Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing
  7. Which famous trial took place in Dayton, Tennessee in July 1925? The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes / Scopes Monkey Trial
  8. The Olympic flame was introduced at which Games? 1928 Summer Amsterdam
  9. Who is this pioneering German physicist, whose breakthrough paper was published in 1925? Werner Heisenberg
  10. Opening in 1922, this is the original appearance of which historical American amphitheatre? Hollywood Bowl


TOTP – 24 Sept 1987

Unique answer: Following Barbara Windsor’s funeral this week – Actors who have appeared in Carry On films.

RAMBLER Which movie is this?

Released in 1999, this supernatural horror film was directed by Rupert Wainwright and included music by Billy Corgan. Although financial success at the time, it is considered not a great film, and currently has a mere 22% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. Gabriel Byrne was Razzie nominated for this and his role in another supernatural horror, but luckily for him he was up against the guy that played Jar Jar Binks. Roger Ebert called it “possibly the funniest movie ever made about Catholicism from a theological point of view”. Byrne’s co-star in the film was Patricia Arquette, playing an atheist hairdresser who gets possessed by an old priest because of some nonsense about the really not at all secret Gospel of Thomas. Stigmata

WTF? Which esteemed director is this, making a cameo in Star Trek: Discovery? David Cronenburg

Picture Reveal – Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

Round 3 – Ben’s Music

  1. Foreigner – Cold As Ice
  2. Crowded House – Weather with You
  3. Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good On the Dancefloor
  4. Tone Loc – Funky Cold Medina
  5. Icehouse – Hey Little Girl
  6. Black Sabbath – Snowblind
  7. Bomb the Bass – Winter in July
  8. Ice Cube – You Can Do It
  9. Barbara Dickson – January February
  10. The Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men

Random Score Bonus Round
1996, 1976, 1983, 1969, 2015

Round 4 – Celebrity Namefellows

I will define a person of note while showing you a picture of another person of note with the same name – what is the name?

  1. The drummer from Queen. Roger Taylor
  2. An English television presenter, radio DJ, businessman, voice actor and producer for radio and television. Chris Evans
  3. An American musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, actor, author and television personality, also known by his stage persona the Demon. Gene Simmons (picture is Jean Simmons)
  4. An English pop singer (born 1936) who has been described as “one of the finest middle-of-the-road balladeers around”. Englebert Humperdinck
  5. Former President of the United States, born 1924. Jimmy Carter
  6. An English philosopher and statesman who served as Attorney General and as Lord Chancellor of England. Francis Bacon
  7. A twice astronaut, who flew the Apollo 11 command module Columbia. Michael Collins
  8. Shakespeare’s wife. Anne Hathaway.
  9. An American gospel singer and actress, formerly of Destiny’s Child. Michelle Williams
  10. An English physicist and former keyboardist. Brian Cox

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